Advocacy Mission Group

The Mission:


The call of the advocacy mission group is to embody and practice the spiritual gift of advocacy in all areas of life, from the personal to the systemic and structural. Through personal commitment to daily spiritual disciplines, practiced in Christian community and through advocacy with others, we look for opportunities to grow spiritually with God through Christ and in the power of the Spirit of faithfulness to Biblical witness.


We believe by faith that the Biblical witness embodied in Jesus Christ emboldens us to stand before the principalities and powers of the world and proclaim a new Kingdom where the blind receive sight, the windows and orphans are clothed, the oppressed are liberated and the prisoners are freed. (Luke 4:18; Eph 6). We believe that proclaiming this inclusive good news must mean engagement with the political realm of our society. Thus, with fear and trembling, recognizing our limitations and grounded in faith, we advocate on behalf of the people whom we serve before local, national and international leaders, bodies and officials.

Housing Advocacy Team Retreat

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