Vision, Call and Affirmation of Faith

Our Vision:

“God’s Kingdom come and will be done on earth as in heaven.”


Our Call and Mission:

To be a local and multi-denominational expression of the Body of Christ in the tradition of the Church of the Saviour at 614 S Street N.W., Washington, DC and the surrounding neighborhood.

To carry out a holistic ministry, linking both weekday and Sunday ministries together as one Church.

To build a caring, sharing and inclusive church membership that is Christ centered, biblically based, Holy Spirit led, draws the lines of commitment clearly and fun to belong to.

To practice a holistic Christian spirituality and ministry that integrates the personal, communal and social dimensions and implications of the Gospel.

To call forth and nurture everyone’s gifts as we discern and follow God’s call for our lives and community.

To develop leadership from within the church and neighborhood.


Our Affirmation of Faith:

I believe in the One God: Creator, Redeemer, Holy Spirit.

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God. By faith, I commit my life to Christ and to bringing all aspects of it under His control.

I believe that I am a sinner, saved and forgiven by the love and grace of God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I believe in the absolute power of God’s unconditional love given through Christ. Because of God’s love for me and the world, I will seek to love all others, which includes the earth, as God has loved me in Christ, knowing this is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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